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MagicApps Project Management+ESN+Apps+AppBuilder

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Quick overview:
1) AppMarket

Let Your Users review, select and install/uninstall Apps into own Profile. Included is 12 powerful SocialApps:

1. Status PLUS 2. Activity Tracking 3. Task Management 4. Project Management 5. DocumentLib PLUS 6. Customers 7. Contacts 8. Questions 9. Ideas 10. Document Library 11. Photo Gallery 12. Edit&Learn App

SocialApps knows how to communicate with Stream

Admin App included: User Management (Users, Login, Logout, Lock, Password change)

2) ESN

Complete Enterprise Social Network: Profiles Messaging, Chat Notifications Streams (Company, Project, User) Comments Likes SocialApps knows how to communicate with Stream

3) Application Builder

You can edit all existing Apps You can create new Apps and put them to AppMarket Metadata technology: complete Apps are stored in central repository Code-free development: extreme producivity and power No programming: only Wizards and properties

4) AppGenerator

Common engine of all Apps Superb App performances and great User experience

$ 11.00 Special Price

Old Price: $16.00

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MagicApps is unique integrated software package which contains: 1) AppMarket with 12 full Applications 2) Enterprise Social Network (ESN) 3) Application Builder 4) Application Generator MagicApps is intended to use by You (as new Apps developer) and Your End Users (as App and ESN Users). MagicApps will hide from You all technology complexities and give You extreme productivity in new Apps development, so You can focus only to delivering the business benefits to Your Users. MagicApps is also fantastic Project Management solution: Projects are used as Workspaces in ESN so You can put any App record into context of specified Project, making Project progress more visible then ever. MagicApps uses metadata tehnology: complete Apps are stored in central repository (database). With AppBuilder You will create new Apps or modify existing App – but with no coding. All You have to do is just setting properties. AppGenerator will serve those Apps to end Users on the fly with superb performances. Because metadata development is code-free, it extremely reduces development time by eliminating developer errors and by saving redundant steps. MagicApps comes with fully automated installing process. Included is complete documentation and video previews.

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